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What You Need to Start Playing

New beginners violins are advertised for as little as £60, even less secondhand, or can be hired for a few pounds per month. These are good enough if you just want to give it a try but if you are fairly committed then it's probably a good idea to invest in a slightly better model. This will have higher quality pegs, making it easier to tune and a better tone. Another thing to consider is weight, particularly if you are small.

Shoulder Rest
Not everyone uses these. They are designed to fill the gap between the violin and shoulder enabling the player to grip the violin with the chin (which allows for freedom of finger movement) without scrunching up the shoulders.

Music stand
We will be using music as well as learning some tunes by ear.

Electronic tuner These little devices are excellent both for tuning the strings properly and ensuring that finger placement results in a tuned note. The type needed for violin playing is a chromatic one which covers every note.